Creating a 'template' for tiles

(Shane Thomas) #1

I am curious if Tiled properties can be “templated” that way for like everytime i place an object down I don’t have to create the properties. Perhaps I could build even a tile set of “Gizmos” and bake these properties in, that way I just drop the object and am done. I understand I could build one object, and duplicate it after I set the properties, just curious if there is a faster way for speeding up my work flow.

Also while im asking, is there a way to have the object layer polygons “Snap to” ? I need to do hunting and am new here but just throwing this out there…

(Erik Schilling) #2


you cannot create template properties at the moment. However you can now (since the 0.11.0 i think) edit multiple properties at the same time. So you could first place all your objects, then select them all and set the properties. This might save some time for your.

About the second thing:
You can enable snap to grid for objects. Either go to View -> Snap to (Fine) Grid or hold the Ctrl key while moving/creating/resizing them.


(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #3

Right, actually editing the properties of multiple objects at the same time as available since 0.10, so in the current stable release.

While snap to grid is available, what is still missing is snapping to existing objects or polygon points.

Finally, the request for template objects or an object library is a frequent one so it would be nice to add this at some point. This is covered by the following issues:

(Erik Schilling) #4

Eh… right… We are at 0.10 not 0.11. Sorry messed that up.

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #5

Object templates are now supported thanks to @thabetx: