Tiles not showing up in preview

(peterb) #1

hello a while back i had a collision problem which is now solved, i am having a strange new issue. i am placing tiles in my map, and they show up there, but when i go to preview the map they dont show up, nor do they show up in the game. it is strange since i already added some of these same tiles today and they worked fine. what could possibly be wrong?


Peter B

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #2

Did you solve your issue in the meantime? Since this could be an issue with Tiled2Unity, if you still have it then maybe @Seanba can help you.

(Seanba) #3

Hi there. If tiles are not showing up in the preview then they won’t be exported to your Unity project either. That could be because you currently have that layer hidden in Tiled or that layer is using the unity:ignore custom property.