Built-in support for exporting maps to GameMaker format?

We all know, that the GameMaker’s built-in editor is an abomination that should be burned, buried, and the trees that grow on its ashes should be burned and buried as well. There are not that many ways of creating decent maps based on tiles either (two, including Tiled?), that’s what makes Tiled an editor of choice for people who use GameMaker.

There are converters, scripts and whatnot, that technically take care of it. Except half of them is outdated, quarter doesn’t work, and the is too confusing and doesn’t even have a how-to.

Hence my question: it is a planned feature? If not, can it be a planned feature? If not, what other engine with a sane map editor/Tiled support can you recommend?

Do you have a link to the GameMaker format? Then we could see if exporting to it would be a possibility.

Any links to the converters and scripts you’re mentioning could also help. I only know about Tiled2GM, but I don’t see the source code anywhere so it’s no help.

As far as source codes go, the GMare is a tilemap editor that can import and export GameMaker files. Source code is available here, and the license is MIT. There’s also this with some format documentation provided.

If it may help, I can try to open a sample level made in GameMaker and look into its code.

I’ve found another Tiled Importer for Game Maker Studio that has source code included. Should be useful as a reference.

Update: Since recently Tiled snapshot builds include an export option to GameMaker: Studio room format, thanks to a pull request from JonesBlunt. It can still be improved further until the release, so feedback is welcome!

Gamemaker 2 has a better room editor. This official editor is more integrated to use with gamemaker 2 than Tiled.

Yeah, I played around with it a bit already and had commented about that on the pull request I linked to. Obviously their own room editor integrates better, but there are still advantages to using Tiled so I think it would be nice to support exporting to GameMaker Studio 2 eventually as well.

It’s a better room editor as long as you don’t want isometric projection, as it won’t allow overlapping tiles… which is a fatal flaw for my current project. Yoyo have said they “may” add support for isometric projection in the future, but sadly GMS2 is useless for me til they do :frowning:

Bjorn, are you able to say when the Gamemaker Studio plugin for Tiled will be added in to a Tiled update? There’s no mention of it in the release notes for 0.17.1

Since that is a new feature, it won’t be in patch releases like 0.17.1 or 0.17.2. It will be included in the next new features release (0.18 or 1.0). However, you can try this feature already in the snapshot builds, which are available for all major operating systems. You can find the links after clicking Download on the itch.io page.

Hi I’ve been trying to put my current tiled map into game maker 2.2, I’ve tried many different things but it’s not letting me and I’m frustrated. I love tiled so much but is there a way I can put my tiled map into game maker?
I’m willing to donate or pay for this Add on feature, please message me/reply if you have any idea how to import the map.

For completeness sake, since this topic appears to be still visited, Tiled has:

Of course, the export could be further improved. If you’re missing a feature or running into an issue, please open a new topic on the forum or an issue on GitHub.