How to add tiles to tileset

I have seen similar questions but still not sure how to go about it.
I have a tileset that is a sprite sheet with 64 x 64 tiles which I have created with a texture packer.
I have realized that I would need a few more tiles.
Is there a way to add these tiles to the sprite sheet while keeping the original tiles indices as to not break the map?


In this case, you’d need to make sure to add the additional tiles to the image without moving any of the existing tiles. I realize that this may be challenging to near impossible, depending on whether your texture packer has a kind of “stable add” mode.

I’ve written about the workflow I would recommend when using texture packers before, and it was nicely summarized by @sumowrestler here:

Relying on an image collection tileset in Tiled while using a packed texture in your game gets you the necessary flexibility in Tiled since you can add/remove tiles at will while at the same time having your assets optimized for in-game rendering.

Thanks you so much for your reply Bjorn.