How to make image bigger?

Hey all! I need some help with making a tileset bigger. You see I have made my own textures for floors etc and and making a house. I have made a wooden floor which fits perfectly to my game however, I am not as advanced to make items such as beds, clocks and other items in 2d. I downloaded a tileset online and tried to add a bed but it is too small meaning that it looks very weird compared to the size of the house.

I was curious if there was a way to enlarge an image, so for example just grabbing the image of the bed and pulling it out so that it is bigger. If there is please let me know! Thank you :smiley:

One way to do that is to put the bed into an image file of its own, and then add it to an image collection tileset, and finally place it as a tile object on an object layer. Tile objects can be resized like that.