How to use Collisions in GameMaker?

I recently came across tiled,so this may be a redundant and dumb question, but i can’t seem to find any answers on the net.

If i set collisions on my tiled map, will they work in GameMaker?

How do you get your map into GameMaker at all? If you use any converter or scripts, you should try to contact their authors for such questions.

If possible it would of course be nice to support GameMaker officially.

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No, they wont and I don’t think you can export them to GameMaker, but I managed to get those maps to work in GameMaker by setting the map as a background. Export your map as a .png and in GameMaker you can set the map.png as a background and stretch it to room size.

Create a sprite that’s the same size as a tile in the map for the collision. Next, create an obj_Collision and set it’s sprite to the one you just made. Now for the collision itself; in your obj_Player put a “collision with obj_Collision” event. In that event, paste this code - Now in your room, you can place the obj_Collision and it works as collision! Hope it helped and isn’t too confusing. :wink: