Identification of options in plugins section. (Mockup)


A small suggestion for correct identification of the various existing plugins (and future).
Basically, it would be the inclusion of texts explaining the purpose of each plug.

PS.: WarCraft 2 would be a bonus! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Right, this is definitely something that could be added.

Doesn’t WarCraft 2 already ship with a very decent map editor, btw? Just wondering if you’re only kidding or whether there would actually be a point in supporting its maps.

Unfortunately the game WarCraft 2 and its map editor are designed to work only in DOS and Windows 95/98.

In newer versions of Windows (and Linux and Mac systems), you can not use the game and its editor without DOSBox and many workarounds.

A more updated version of the map editor would be very welcome, especially if it is multiplatform. But it’s just a suggestion. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Moreover, the plugin could be created by other users and loaded at runtime Tiled (to start the program), as with emulators (Project64, PCSX2, etc …).

Expel ogres of Azeroth is epic !!! :smiley: