Installing creates ghost folder

This may or may not be a bug, I have absolutely no idea. I installed the program to a custom location, and it ran perfectly fine, I went around the pre-made files and examples, messed around with some. Then I went to open the readme through Windows explorer, and the folder that it created didn’t exist. It’s not a hidden folder, I have those viewable, and I have confirmed it doesn’t exist by manually entering the folder name, and it still doesn’t see it. I uninstalled that one, reinstalled it to the default location, and again, the problem persists. While the program is running, it can view and use files, but nothing else can see any of these (hitting open file location from task manager also doesn’t work), and when I close it, I can no longer open the program, as it doesn’t create a start menu shortcut, a desktop shortcut, and since the folder is inaccessible. I’m running Windows 7 64 bit, and I would post error reports, but since the program runs perfectly fine with no errors, I have none to post.

Also, I tried creating a shortcut to the program with the open file menu, and while I can do it without any problems, the shortcut does not actually exist in any useful manner.

Hmm, that is very strange. Did you ever have problems like this with other stuff you installed? Do you think there might be anything special about your system compared to a standard Windows 7 install?

I’ve never had a problem like this that I’m aware of, and I am also not aware of anything unique about my windows7 version, however I’ve had my share of strange computer issues with this computer in particular, but most of them dealt with wireless adapters.

Nevermind, just found out the answer. I wondered why all the windows for the program had a green outline, then I realized that my antivirus ran the installer in quarantine without telling me, which is why none of the files are where they’re supposed to be.

@Orreven Ah, thanks for letting us know! Next time somebody has strange problems like this, I’ll be asking about his antivirus program as well. I never heard about antivirus programs that would allow applications to install into some invisible location and then run, marked with a green outline…

I have the free version of Comodo.