Is it possible for objects to have children?

I was curious if it’s possible for objects to have children? Similar to Godot, where a node can have a child

In the layers menu under the object layer, there could be an arrow to fold/unfold. I’m quite new to Tiled, but it’s amazing compared to Godot’s tile editor. In fact, I’m now using it and implemented tiled parsing in Crystal so my game server can extract static map entities (objects) from the exported tiled data.

Previously, in Godot, I would have a node called “Portal Zones” and the children would have 6 nodes for positions. In Tiled, I can’t really do that, however, I guess I could create another Object Layer called “Portal Zones” and just put the points there.

In fact… now that I think of it, I’ll probably just do that for now! I will need to add a bit of extra code in Crystal to extract the points, but it’s np.

This is not currently possible, but I believe one of the planned features is the ability to create relationships between objects.

In the meantime, you can use custom properties for most of this stuff.

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Yeah, I’m just going to add another object layer. I was just curious, I think I spoke too soon. This isn’t really a problem for me anymore haha.

But holy crap, Tiled is 10x better than any editor I’ve used!! Workflow speed for creation of maps is incredible

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