Lower the poly count on my map?

Hi there!

When I made a level I got about 22400 tris split into 3 meshes and I was wondering if there is a way to lower the amount of tris without changing the layout of my level? This question is asked because I want to optimize the game.



this is generally an issue of the engine or map loader i think.

The tiled save files do not specify any polygons or meshes. They only contain the layer data. So it is left to some library to load (and render) the maps.

So you should probably talk with the author of the library you use for loading/rendering Tiled maps.


Thanks for the answer!

So if I’m using Unity and the Tiled2Unity plug-in, do you think it should be in Tiled2Unity since it says the poly count there when it’s done. (I don’t know if you are familiar with that plug-in but if you do then you can answer! :smile:)

Sorry, I never used that plugin myself and I also have no experience with Unity. But yes, it sounds like this library needs to do the optimisation (or you optimise it later, but not sure if that is possible easily…). Maybe the author of Tiled2Unity can help you there.


Hi. I’m the author of Tiled2Unity. Each tile in your map needs to be made up of 4 vertices and Unity has a 65k limit on vertices per mesh – so, for large maps Unity will break those meshes into smaller sub-meshes.

For my own development I work with smaller maps that I stitch together through some other process.