Microsoft One Drive popups

Hi guys, firstly can i say thanks to developer (I think it is Bjorn) as this application is amazing and if I do ever make any money using this I will certainly donate.

Just a little thing, whenever I open Tiled (or start new project) I get a popup about MS One Drive, and it opens in my notification pane in the taskbar of windows.

Is this meant to happen? as I have to admit is is kinda annoying

That’s very much appreciated, thanks!

There’s nothing in Tiled that specifically interfaces with MS One Drive, but something it does on startup must be somehow triggering it. What does the popup say? Maybe you could post a screenshot?

Hi Bjorn, thanks for the help. I notice now it is only happening when i ‘Open’ new projejct, or if there isnt a previous project open then it does it immediately when i open Tiled every time.

Here is screen shot:

You can also see bottom right the logo that appears saying not signed in.

I have turned One-Drive off in my startup list of windows and don’t really intend to use it… This is only a mild annoyance I was purely reporting it in case it was somethign that you werent aware of that could be fixed.