Newbie ask for suggestions in handling map data

Hi all,

My question is not strictly about tiled, I hope it remains on topic enough. I’m planning how to deal with the map for a new game, in the likes of Warlords or Age of Wonders.

The tiles are hexagonal top down and the map should behave as circular with infinite scrolling both in x and y. This is because otherwise, the player at the center of the map has a disadvantage compared to those in the corners. There will not be previously designed scenarios, but terrain generated at the start of a new game. I’ve chosen libgdx even if I only plan to develop for desktop, just in case someone else likes the idea and ports it to android.

Is the TMX format suitable for procedurally generated terrain, including other game objects (cities, units and artifacts created at the start of the game) ? Is it flexible enough as to be suitable for storing savegames ? Are there other alternatives that would fit better for these requirements ? I would avoid hand-made everything of course !!!



While libraries like libgdx do support loading and rendering TMX maps, it does in general not mean that TMX would be suitable as a save game format. I think the only case in which that makes sense, is if you wanted to be able to inspect the savegame graphically outside of your game, by loading it up in Tiled for example. If you don’t need that, then it’s probably much easier to load/save your games in some custom format.