PDF Manual/Tutorials

I was just curious if there was a pdf manual or tutorials? I am stuck with a 3g phone in a lousy area for service until my isp buries another line. I was able to download the program and really enjoy it. I would just like to able to take full advantage of it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am also looking around for a 2d game engine as well. I have almost no coding experience but would not mind learning one.

At the moment there is no PDF manual. The only official documentation is hosted at http://doc.mapeditor.org/ and available from the repository in Markdown format.

I still need to spend a lot more time on updating and completing the documentation, and will consider doing it in a way that also allows PDFs to be made available. Probably it means using Sphinx instead of Markdown, for example.

Regarding a 2D game engine, I would suggest picking one of the following depending on your taste of programming language and target audience:

Thank you for your reply. I will check those out and see how it goes.