Using scripting with direct OS access and other external libraries

I’m developing a 6502 based oldschool game project at the moment. So i need a lot of convertions, i’m not using PNG files directly. I’ve managed to do most of the things using Python. Python allows “import os” and access to the file system, read/write files any way you want, But i wasn’t able to load an external library like Pillow. Since i still have os.system access (shell execution), i created some external Python scripts, which reads files generated by the main tiled script. So, that was an ugly but working chain of scripts, generating everything i need with a single click.

Things were fine until i wanted to access objectgroups under tiles (tile collision rectangles). I couldn’t find a way in Python. Then i realized JavaScript seems to be the main focus at the moment. I switched to JavaScript… Now i can reach the objectgroups/objects under the tile objects. But what the hell… Now i can’t access to the filesystem, i can’t even shell execute another script. I’m stuck again. :slight_smile:

Basicly, i need to find a way to;

  • Access tile collision maps
  • Full control over file system (directory exists? create directory, change directory etc.).
  • Import third party libraries like image libraries or alternatively shell execute external scripts.

I’m almost there. If python has an objectgroup access for tiles (somehow), i’m fine at the moment. But if JS is the way to go, Python will be deprecated in near feature, then i need solutions for JS.

Has anybody find official ways or workarounds for such requirements?