Alpha channel missing

Hi everyone, I am new to game dev and do not know much about it.
I am wondering does Tiled supports alpha transparancy with PNG images?

I am trying to import this types as new set, but It fails to show transparent area.
If I use specific color, then I suceed to have this transparancy, but not everywhere.
For example, in trees shadow there is used alpha channel and do not render it.
I am doing something wrong, can somebody help me with that?
Sorry if this is duplicated post, I tried to search the history of already publicated question, but have not found something similar.




Tiled does support transparency.
Could you please upload an example of your issue (screenshoot(s) and map + tileset files)?


Tiled supports PNGs with alpha transparency, and it works fine for me on Linux with your tileset.

Often when people report problems with transparency, the problem is that they are not using multiple tile layers. A tile layer can only have one tile at one position, so tiles don’t automatically stack. If you want to place one tile above another tile, you’ll need to use multiple tile layers. Could that be your problem?


Exactly, did not expect for so fast response.
Thank you very much!