C bindings for reading TMX/TSX files


I don’t know if this is the correct place to announce this.

I got C bindings for read TMX/TSZ files using a very simple interface.
It uses mini-XML libraries and support most of the features ot Tiled,
including tiles in XML, CSV, Base64 with and without compression, object groups
and so on.

Code should compile in all platforms with make and a C compiler. No weird additions.

It does not load tiff, gif, png files or things like that, just read, parses XML tiled files and fill in a data structure. Your game should use the tmx structure data to load the resources.

If somebody is interested i can upload a tar or zip file with code to play with. Code will be licensed with gpl or such.

In the Tiled development topic wasn’t the best place, so I’ve moved it into its own topic now. :slight_smile:

Please don’t hesitate to upload the code to GitHub for example, so that it may be useful to some people. It can also be linked from the Libraries and Frameworks page in the documentation.

How does your solution compare to tmx (another C library for loading TMX files)?

Did the code ever get uploaded to GitHub? I am interested in any case.

@bsdero never made another post, so I guess not. Did you give tmx a try?


my HD had a failure and I lost the source code. Sorry about that, guys.