Need to create new qt project with libtiled

I have to create a small game 2d for school. only , I decided to create map with tiled . I have the tmx file that I want to read and display in my project and QT on the internet is said that there is a library directly integrate into the tiled sources :
C ++ / Qt based libtiled , used by Itself Tiled and included at src / libtiled (BSD)

I have wanted that explains how I can make this library and TMXviewer afun part of my project was built .

if not possible , would you idé to create a parser for tmx or other file?

Thank you in advance for your help.

It’s probably easiest if you just copy the source files over and compile them as part of your project. The files in the src/tmxviewer directory give a very small example of how you could load and display a map using libtiled.