Can i use Tiled for define terrain type layer?


I’m not sure than Tiled can achieve my particular use case. So I ask here : I write a 2D top view game. I search a tool than permit design type of terrain by tiles.

There is a screens where i use tile layer as type of terrain layer:



Goal is have a tiled map where my game can read:

  • map size
  • map background
  • map decorations (trees, etc)
  • terrain types

In previous example, we can see grass, road, wall, house interior, etc

My only problem is: map designer only see terrain type tiles as colors (because i use a plain color) and i would like user can see text “name” of tile.

Any idea would match with my need ? Thanks !

If you’re seeking to label areas of tiles on the map, perhaps using Text Objects could work? You could write a script to generate these automatically based on the map content (though the user would have to trigger this script manually).

If you just want the user to be able to identify which coloured tile represents what terrain, you could add a custom property to the tiles in the Tileset with the name. Whenever the user clicks that tile, that name will show up in the properties view. They won’t show up on the map itself, but if the goal is just to clarify what each colour means, I think this is the simplest and least obtrusive way.

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Hello @eishiya , thanks for your time. I will study these options !

I think we should add a name field to the Tile class and have a mode in the tileset view where those names are visible, but currently that isn’t implemented. I think the suggestion by @eishiya to set a custom tile property so that the colors can be understood by looking at the tile properties could be a good compromise for now.

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I confirm that ! Current compromise is good, and name field is good idea too. There is the render: