Changing the source parameter from within the Tiled UI?

Hello again. is it possible to change the “source” address of tilesets etc from with the Tiled UI. To clarify what I mean, I mean so that the TMX file “source” value I want it to just read “tiled/tile1.png” etc etc (I have dozens of tiles so renaming manually every time I edit the tile sheet is obviously not practical.). Currently I am just going to scrap the project and move the tiles to the games project folder before I start up Tiled, but i feel there might be a way to do it that I am missing.

I did see a post on here from about 2013 saying it wasnt a feature but you wanted to add it but that is all I could find.


Well, since Tiled 0.15 you can change the source parameter from within Tiled by going to the tileset properties (or tile properties, in case you’re using an image collection tileset).

However, I do not entirely understand your situation and whether this will help you, since it’s not at all efficient to change the source parameter in Tiled for dozens of tiles. In such case it would still be faster to open the map file in a text editor and do a search & replace.

OK thanks again. Luckily my levels weren’t too detailed and I was able just to move the files and recreate the levels again.
At the time of writing the original post, I’m fairly sure I had looked through Tile Properties etc but I probably simply missed the source field.

In fact , I must be stupid as I am looking now just out of curiosity and I still cant see it

Should be visible here for tilesets and tiles respectively: