Copy/Paste Tile-level Custom Properties?

I believe the answer to this is “no”, as I saw it mentioned in a GitHub issue from a couple of years ago. But I thought I’d check in case there has been an update…

Is it possible to copy/paste Custom Parameters from a “master” Tile to all (or as many as we want) other Tiles in a TileSet?

I have, for example, a hexagonal tile Tileset with - as a test study - 21 uniquely defined tiles (hexes in this case) as shown here:

Every one of those hexes has a set of standard Custom Properties (“Class”, “Height”, “Type”) as highlighted at the bottom of that image. So far I have been unable to find a way (within Tiled) to duplicate the standard set of Custom Properties across all those hexes. Instead, I’ve had to painstakingly enter them on each hex separately. And this is a small “test palette” for a much larger future set of tiles/hexes… and a small sample of the ultimate list of Custom Properties for each…

So… I’m wondering if I missed something, and they can be replicated. At first I thought (and hoped) that the TileSet level Custom Properties would propagate down to the individual tiles (hexes)… but that did not happen when I tried it.

Am I missing something, or is this perhaps a future feature for Tiled 1.0?

NOTE: For those stumbling into this same issue, I did find a work-around:

  1. Define Custom Properties for the first hex
  2. Save the .tmx file
  3. Open the .tmx file in a text editor, and look for the pattern where the Custom Properties are defined. An example:
  4. Copy/Paste that pattern into the .tmx file, repeating for all the hexes you want to define
  5. Referring back to the Tile ID’s in the TileSet, use the text editor to adjust the Custom Properties for each one
    as desired.
  6. Re-open the file in Tiled, and - bingo - all of the Custom Properties are now in place for the hexes you defined them on.

Worked for me! But it would be a bit cleaner to be able to do this “replication” within Tiled itself.

You sir, just made my day

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Hmm, it should be noted that this can be done in Tiled as follows:

  • Select all tiles in the tileset that you want to apply certain custom properties to
  • Apply the custom properties

You don’t need to go through the tiles one-by-one.

That said, copy/paste of custom properties is a much requested feature that I’ll get to at some point.

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