Corruption of rotated tiles

When I rotate my tiles in Tile Map editor, and then using tmx file in c++ with SFML, the rotated tiles are corrupted. How can I solve this? This is what i got. What’s the problem? Sorry, for my English.

Probably the SFML map reader / renderer you’re using does not support rotated tiles. You can try digging into its code or report the issue to its author.

There are three SFML map loaders mentioned in the documentation. Which one are you using?

I think, none of them. I’m using third party class that not even in the documentation. Can you tell me wich one map loader is support rotating?

No, sorry, I didn’t try any of them and never used SFML.

Okay, I will try one of this loaders, thanks.

Okay, I solved this by using this library
Here is a result

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