Dev snapshots location

Sorry for such a brain dead post, but I keep forgetting where to download the development snapshots. :fearful: Please help (note, i mean the snapshots, the problem with my brain, irreparable). I’m one of those pesky mac people, if it makes a difference. Thx…

I found the location. page > Download Now button > buy flow > Snapshots section at bottom. Don’t know why I had such trouble. I actually gave up looking the other night. Sorry, I didn’t figure out how to delete this post.

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No need to feel sorry! You had a legitimate question and posted the answer yourself, I’m sure it will be useful to other people who are looking. I am aware that these links are now somewhat hidden, though I don’t really have a better place for them.

In the future I hope to also set up OS X snapshots hosted on itself, the same way as is now the case for Linux and Windows. That way, the app can be used to keep Tiled up to date, which is more efficient and takes less manual work than the auto-update system included with Tiled.

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