Export to Binary?

(Allan) #1

Hi there - I saw that someone asked about exporting to a binary file a few years ago - was this every done? I am looking at using tiled to export data into old 8-bit machines and am currently using CSV. Thanks!

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #2

Tiled ships with several plugins, but none of them implement an official binary map format for Tiled:

  • The “droidcraft” plugin is a binary format, but it only supports maps with one tile layer that is exactly 48x48 tiles.
  • The “replicaisland” plugin is also a binary format, but it’s similarly game-specific.
  • The “tBIN” plugin is more general, but it does not support all Tiled features and I don’t think the format is documented somewhere. This plugin was mainly added for compatibility with Stardew Valley maps.

Your options are basically to:

  • Write a custom C++ plugin similar to any of the above, that writes out the map in a way you are comfortable with.
  • Write a custom Python plugin, which may be preferable since it does not require compiling Tiled yourself and it is easy to distribute to others.

(Allan) #3

thanks for the quick response! I’ll look into it.