Google Summer of Code 2017

@ashishkg0022, you can get started with setting up Tiled (here) and going through the idea page (here).

Go through the issues (here) and get started with fixing an issue and making a pull request :slight_smile:


thanks @ketanhwr

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I’m interested in participating in GSoC with Tiled. I’m a second year computer science undergrad from Hungary, I’m interested in adding scripting capabilities to Tiled.

My previous experiences entail a 2D, two player platformer written in C:
An unfinished entity-component system written in Java (it has an annotation processor which took me a great deal of time to implement): (link restriction, the github repository is available under my profile).
And my previous GSoC project: , which I’ve completed successfully. Relatedly, my contribution to open-source code has been my GSoC project.

My favorite languages are C, C++ (I have experience with C++11/14) and Kotlin, my favorite tool is vim. I have some knowledge with CMake and Gradle, and I can handle Git fairly well.

I cherish the idea, that the code I produce will be used by thousands and that is the reason I’d like to work along side with you to make Tiled an even better tool. :slight_smile:

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Hello guys…I have forked the project…Can u please guide me how do i start to understand the project. There are several files…So which one to start with??


I’m a third year computer science undergraduate student. I’m really interested in adding scripting capabilities to Tiled.

I’ve done several team projects for school, including two game projects where I’ve embedded other scripting languages, specifically Lua (via LuaJIT) and C# (via Mono). I’ve also been implementing my own scripting language for another class as well. I’ve also written runtime type introspection systems in C++ to help me make a cleaner scriptbinding API.

Less related things I’ve done include entity-component systems written in C and C++, messaging systems used with callback functions from scripts, and a Win32 platform layer written in C.

I’m comfortable working in C, C++, Lua, C#, JavaScript, and Java. I’ve used Mercurial, Git, and SVN for version control, GNU make and premake 5 for make tools, and I typically use either Visual Studio or emacs for development.

I want to work on Tiled, because of its usefulness to my classmates and I in our own academic game projects. Being able to add an easier way to customize a tool that I already use is inherently useful and exciting to me.

Hey Austin! @austin.jensen

Could you provide links to some of your work, so that we can look at it?


The program starts with the main function in src/tiled/main.cpp, and the main editor window is implemented in mainwindow.cpp. If you want to get a general overview of the project you may want to start browsing there. Unfortunately, no general documentation exists about this.

Feel free to ask more specifically where to start looking when implementing a certain kind of improvement once you have found something you’d like to work on.

Welcome @WinterGrascph, @kashyap2108 and @austin.jensen! I’m excited about your eagerness to contribute to Tiled! There is so much to do as you can already see in the issue tracker and most recently this amazing post where @eevee shared his detailed feedback. I agree with many of this points and I think with so many people looking to work on Tiled during this summer his timing couldn’t have been better.

Of course, I can already see there will be some competition since we set up only a handful of suggested projects and also we are only two mentors currently. Depending on how many students Google may actually support for our organization, it might make sense to search for additional mentors.

In any case, now is the time to get to know each other and have some fun working on Tiled, so we can make the best of the student application period starting March 20!

Hello bjorn, i’m facing problems in compiling. i’ve ubuntu 14.04 and when i run the following command

“apt-get install qt5-default qttools5-dev-tools zlib1g-dev” it installs packages of Qt 5.2. !!

@kashyap2108 Hey, I faced a similar problem. I installed and compiled it from here instead.

Since you have already installed Qt 5.2, I would suggest to cd $QTDIR/qtchooser and then edit the path in qt5.conf to point to the path of the new version. You could uninstall it but you might remove dependencies that the newer version might also use.

In my case $QTDIR = “/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu”


@kashyap2108 Consider upgrading to a more recent version of Ubuntu. Your version is almost three years old, and could really use an upgrade to at least Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Still, I can indeed recommend downloading Qt from as @vikasTmz, since it has the least amount of problems. I would take the online installer available at though, since it shows you what is the latest version of Qt and you can use it to easily switch to a newer version once it becomes available. It also installs the Qt Creator IDE, which I would recommend for editing Tiled source code. The link @vikasTmz provided leads to an already old version of Qt (5.7.1 and 5.8.0 are out in the meantime).


Hello bjorn , I’ve upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04 and it works fine now. At the moment i’m going through tiled tutorials on Youtube and Qt documentation…What shall i do next to proceed?

You should look for something to improve about Tiled, so you can try to do it and open a pull request to get feedback on your change. Maybe you can find something yourself, or you can read eevee’s thorough feedback or look through the open Usability issues (they are generally small or non-controversial tasks).


I’ am third year computer science student, i wanna implement “connecting objects” or “general improvements”. I used Tiled for my platformer game, so will be happy to contribute.

My github:
I prefer C++ or Python.
I have some experience with C++ and Qt, contribute to open source:

@a.sharganov Hello and welcome! Do you have a link to your platformer game as well? Do you have an idea of what you’d like to work on to get a feeling of Tiled development?

  1. Unfortunately, no. I made it about three years ago when i didn’t know about git.
  2. Do you mean fixing some bugs for gsoc application? If so, still choosing.

Hi! It is my first time that I know this program, and I want to join. What should I do next? Thanks!

Hey @Yuhang_Liao, welcome! Please check out this wiki page for possible projects and the application process.

I would like to participate in GSoC. I have developed couple of Android games, and Tiled actually helped me in one of them, so I feel excited about contributing to this software. I have some experience in C++ and Qt, and, as I mentioned, Android gamedev with Java and libgdx. You can check out my games on Google Play developer page. You can take a look at my public repositories, I have a few projects there, mostly for university studying. However, I haven’t contributed to open source before.
For last couple of days I was reading Tiled source code, trying to understand it’s internal structure, and fixed one usability issue, though it didn’t require a lot of code. So I’m sure I’ll be able to complete some of the projects from your ideas page, like Connecting Objects or Object Library, if they are not taken already. And of course to fix bugs and bring in general improvements.

Hello @GLAVAK and welcome!

I saw the projects in your Google Play page, they look interesting, could you provide us with a link to your github profile?

Did you already checked our wiki page.

In which project idea are you interested?