Google Summer of Code 2017

Hi guys I’ve been talking with Bjorn about the possibility of applying as organization to GSoC 2017 ( ).

I wonder if someone here would be interested in getting involved and helping in the process.

The application process got open yesterday and we have until February 9th to apply.

I volunteered myself to be a mentor, Google ask for 2 administrators, a mentor with it’s respective substitute for each student.

This is a great opportunity to get someone to work full time payed for three months on Tiled and to increase awareness about Tiled.

I was a GSoC student back in 2007 and 2009, it was a great experience so I would like to give back and help both Tiled and a student.

Feel free to comment with ideas for projects for GSoC 2017.

If you are interested in helping as an administrator or a substitute mentor, please contact me or contact Bjorn.



Tiled officially applied to take part of Google Summer of Code 2017, the application deadline was yesterday and we are now waiting for the selection results.

The accepted organizations will be announced on February 27 16:00 UTC.

For the complete timeline check the GSoC 2017 timeline.

If you are interested in taking part of GSoC 2017 along with Tiled you can already check this wiki page for more information.

Feel free to ask any question about the program or the projects ideas in this thread.

Latest News

We just got the answer from Google.

Tiled has been selected to take part of Google Summer of Code 2007.

If you are interested on working this summer and get paid for helping to improve Tiled please check the following wiki page for more information.

Feel free to ask any question about the program or the projects ideas in this thread.

Looking forward for your application.


@leonidax is there a ‘Contributing Guide’ or ‘Coding Standards’ file? I’ve searched around a bit, but couldn’t find any.

I’m afraid there is no such thing but it might be a good idea to add anytime soon, for now this forum, the IRC channel, the documentation and the wiki page are the main source of information.

I’m using mostly the Qt Creator coding style, though with some exceptions (like using mMember instead of m_member). Also that document is outdated in terms of C++11 features like nullptr and range-based for loops (which they do use, and so does Tiled).

In general, the code should be quite consistent and new code should just try to fit in.

It would of course be good to mention this in a file.

Alright, thanks! I’ll go through the code quickly once and start contributing :slight_smile:


I’d like to work on the project “Wang Tiles and Filling Tools” .
I had a look at the paper and is this the final output the project wants to achieve?

As part of my Image Processing course last year I implemented the “Image Quilting for Texture Synthesis and Transfer” paper by Alexei A. Efros.

Here is the link to my repo:

I would like to learn more on the project. Will this discussion happen in this forum or here

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Hi Vikas,

Thank you for your interest. Yes the desired outcome should be something similar to the tool on the video, we still don’t know how the workflow should look like since one should define the wang tiles before using the tool and then be able to use the tool either like a brush or like a bucket tool on a selected area.

And yes we can keep talking about the feature on the #1272 ticket.

@ketanhwr I’ve just added some brief contribution guidelines to the repo.

Regarding the Wang tiles, indeed the first question is how will the user tell Tiled about the structure of his tiles, so that a Wang paint tool can know what combinations it can make. Also, a wang paint tool could probably either work entirely random or it could work similarly to the terrain brush.

I’d prefer to open a separate issue about supporting Wang Tiles, since issue #1272 is in itself really quite a bit simpler since it’s just about adding a more efficient way to fill rectangles and circles. It’s just something that could be made more interesting in combination with Wang Tiles.

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Ok then I’ll open a new ticket for the wang tiles and just make a reference to the #1272 ticket.

@vikasTmz @bjorn I created the #1455 ticket to continue the conversation about wang tiles there.


Hi guys, I am a sophomore. I am very interested in this project. I have learned C++ and OpenGL(computer graph) so far. I have wrote some programs about algorithms and have no experience in particular application. Anyway, I will go through the code and try to contribute. By the way, Is it a good idea to learn some basic QT first?

Hi @JarvisShen

Yes learning some Qt before is going to help you to understand the code base. Qt has an extensive set of basic examples and the documentation is really good.

You can start by downloading Qt and then checking the Qt Getting Started page.

For examples that can help you to quickly get started and understand Tiled, I would suggest the Qt MainWindow Examples page.

Try to understand concepts like signal and slots since they are some keywords that are not part of C++ and they are one of the strongest and common features used in Qt. Signals & Slots


Hello guys, I used Tiled twice in my personal projects and I was very glad to see it as an organization in GSOC 2017. I am already familiar with C++ and I forked the repo on github, so now I am going through the base code and learning the basics of Qt. I have experience in algorithms (as I participate in competitive programming), but I also like JavaScript, so I was into the “Wang Tiles and Filling Tools” and the “Add Scripting Capabilities” projects.

Hi @simiaosimis,

Thanks for your interest and great to hear that you have used Tiled, I would suggest you to focus in only one idea, you are the first one to show some interest in the JavaScript feature you might want to apply with that idea. We still don’t know how many slots we are going get but it would be amazing to get both features implemented by the end of the summer.

Is the Trello roadmap being maintained/followed nowadays? The last change was on July '16, so I guess it’s not worthwhile now?

Right, it is no longer updated (I’ve changed its title now to make this clear). I’m now using a “project” on GitHub:

Note however that while you’re free to take tasks from there, it merely represents my own priorities. While of course this represents the immediate things I’d like to see done for Tiled, you are free to choose your own things entirely.

Alright, thanks again!

hello everyone , i am applying for gsoc this year . i want to work for Tiled . i am familiar with c++
can anyone help me get started ?