Google Summer of Code 2017

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #102

@WebWhizJim, @mentisrex, @sanchaez, @erem2k, welcome and I’m excited to read about what you guys have done, what you would like to do and where applicable to review your pull requests! At the same I have to warn you that with the deadline being tomorrow, I will not have time to give feedback anymore on all the proposals. Like @Ablu said we’ll try to review some today still. For pull requests, I will have time to review them tomorrow, but anyway they don’t carry a deadline with them.

At the same time, I want to again warn everybody doing a proposal for Tiled that this is our first time participating in GSoC and as such we can only count on getting 1-2 student slots this year. We’ll probably be asking for 3-4 slots anyway but even then I already know now that it will be very hard for us to choose from the many talented students who are applying. I hope even those who will not get a slot this year will stay around and also try again next year, because as you may notice contributing to an application that many people use can be incredibly rewarding.

(Leon Moctezuma) #103

Yeah about the pull requests, it’s one of the requirements and we should have some time to review some of them, we still have some days to submit our choices, we might not have the time to review all of them but we should be able to prioritize the PR based on your proposals.

(Ketan Gupta) #104

I had been a bit busy for the past week, so wasn’t able to contribute much. Nevertheless, I’ve submitted my final proposal :slight_smile:

(Vinod Ankith Devanaboina) #105

Hi everyone,
@bjorn sorry for my late reply. I’ve been keeping an eye on this organization for the past few weeks but unfortunately i’ve been busy with College work.
I am a 2nd year student, studying Computer Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology. I learned about Tiled while i was working on game made with the Engo Engine(EngoEngine/engo on github). I’ve always loved Game Programming and this would be a great opportunity to help contribute this area of programming. I love how flexible and feature rich Tiled is and i’m looking forward to help improve it whether or not my proposal gets accepted. To be honest i was pretty surprised to find it listed as a Summer of Cod organization. No other organization really attracted my interest as much as this one did.

I’ve been coding for about 7 years. I’m particularly fond of Python for it’s efficiency, Go for it’s simple and elegant design ( Concurrency is a plus too!) and C++ for its raw power and huge library support. My Github Profile has some of my projects. The two biggest projects are a website and simple Age of Empires style RTS game written in python and Go respectively. I’ve been the team lead for both projects and i’ve gotten very comfortable using Git for version control in both of those projects. I also love competitive coding, where I usually use C++. Unfortunately i’ve never gotten the chance to work on Qt but i’ll surely learn it quickly.

One of my favorite projects that I’ve worked on is Pokemon Eternity as the programmer for the Map Editor. Please feel free to contact CaffinePills, the founder, on the Discord for Pokemon Eternity, im sure he has good things to say about my contribution to that project :slight_smile:

P.S. Since there isn’t any time for reviewing my proposal il just send it to you in a PM and directly submit it .

Thank you for making this possible for all of us!

(Alexander Shaposhnikov) #106

Damn, I’ve failed to submit my final PDF to the website… That’s sad.
Well, the competition is big and my chances were low but I’ve learned much in a process. I will contribute to the project even if I will not get paid by Google for this - it’s FOSS!

Have luck in a competition, everyone!

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #107

Hey @sanchaez, that’s sad to hear! You’re not the only one actually, in total 3 people who had shared their drafts have missed the deadline for uploading the final proposal and another 5 have not shared a draft even though they had done a successful pull request. Rest assured we will be applying for GSoC again next year, and hopefully will be able to accept more students by then as well!

In total we have received 20 proposals from 19 students. 7 of these I have ignored since they were either spam-like or didn’t contain any actual project description or were just copy/paste from our wiki. That leaves us with 13 proposals from 12 students competing for slots. We’ll have time until April 17th to consider each proposal carefully and choose which ones we’d like to go for.

Many thanks to everybody who took part in this! The next release of Tiled is already going to be awesome because of all the things you’ve done! I hope many of you will feel like doing more contributions in the future, whether it’s for learning purposes or because you just want to help create a great tool. Everybody is welcome!

(Ketan Gupta) #108

@bjorn, one of the mini task that I’ve mentioned in my proposal has been resolved. Now that I cannot make any change in the proposal, can I unofficially change that particular task to some other task? I have another task in mind which will take roughly the same time.

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #109

@ketanhwr Feel free to share the alternative you’re considering.

(Ketan Gupta) #110

I’m planning this issue in particular. Useful and not very difficult to implement.

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #111

Today marks the end of the Project Finalization phase of the Google Summer of Code. This means we have made our choices and now we need to wait until May 4th until the accepted students are announced. Before that time we also can’t say anything about our selection. Rest assured the wait is hard for us as well!

(Yuriy) #112

@bjorn, can’t you even tell the number of given slots?

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #113

I understand the curiosity, but I decided not to disclose this since it is irrelevant. On 4th of May we will know how many and which students were accepted.

(Ketan Gupta) #114

I’m delighted to see the results!
Thanks a lot for your support during this phase, and I hope that being a student under Tiled will be a great learning opportunity for me! :slight_smile:

Best of luck to everyone else selected :slight_smile:

(Benjamin Trotter) #115

Absolutely! I agree the support through now has been great. I can’t wait to get started on my project, and see how far Tiled grows over the next few months. And it will certainly be a great learning experience!

For now I was wondering what our means of staying in contact will be? IRC? Email? Through the forums?

(Mohamed Thabet) #116

I’m excited to spend the GSoC period with Tiled :smile:. Thank you for the support and congratulations to all the accepted students.

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #117

Hello @ketanhwr, @Benjamin_Trotter and @thabetx, we are very excited as well to have you with us from today until the end of the program, hopefully even beyond! We’re looking forward to help you guys work out the details of your proposals in the coming weeks and to help you get more into the code, so that you will be well prepared to start in June.

At the same time I want to thank everybody who submitted a proposal! We saw many nice projects and also a lot of nice changes contributed to Tiled already. For those not accepted this year, I do hope to still see you around and I’ll certainly be there to help you contribute also outside of the Google Summer of Code program.

Now about the next steps for the accepted students:

  • Please try to be present in #tiled on as much as possible. If you don’t have a bouncer or a Quassel server that helps you keep track of chat history, consider joining the channel through Matrix, for example using Riot at We’ll use this channel for instant chat between students and mentors.

  • Please open a topic on this forum about your project. It will serve as a communication thread with your mentors (and anybody else who’d like to be involved with your project) throughout the program. I expect much of the communication will also happen on GitHub issues and pull requests, but I think such a topic will be a good place for overal discussion.

  • I think we should have short private chats on a weekly basis to check if everything is fine. All mentors are on Telegram, are you guys as well? You can contact me at to get started.

Good luck with your projects!

(Erik Schilling) #118


welcome from me too :wave:. My telegram username is: I am Ablu with a single u everywhere else :slight_smile:.


(Leon Moctezuma) #119

Hi, @Benjamin_Trotter @ketanhwr @thabetx again congratulations!

My telegram username is; and the same issue than Ablu, mine has double x for telegram :joy:.