Google Summer of Code 2018 - Introductions

(Harindu Dilshan) #21

I agree :smiley:

(Yash Gandhe) #22

I’m a 3rd year Undergrad student who has recently realised that his interest lies in programming and computer sciences :P. I started around a year back and have discovered that game development is the field I want to pursue later on in life. Being an avid gamer, I want to work in a field I am actually interested in, and a field I know won’t be boring for me after a few years. C++ is the programming language I am most comfortable with, and it won’t take long to master the Qt framework. I have been wanting to get into this amazing world of Open Source and GSOC seems like the perfect opportunity to actually work in the field of my interest. Keeping all this in mind, Tiled seemed like an obvious choice :slight_smile:

What previous programming experience do you have?
I can code proficiently in C, C++, C# (for Unity), Python. As mentioned earlier, I haven’t been coding since a very long time, but hey, Better late than never, right?

What projects have you worked on before?
-I am currently working on designing and developing an RPG from scratch in Unity. We started a few weeks back, so currently we are in the designing phase. We plan on releasing it on the Play Store in a few months. We are a team of 10.
-Worked on a project related to Radioactive Particle Tracking(my major is Chemical Engineering). Redesigned the UI for the setup to measure radioactivity of given sample. I used the Qt framework for designing the UI.

Do you have any previous experience working with Git or any versioning software?
Yes, I do have experience with Git. I am currently using it for the above-mentioned game-development project.

Do you have any prior experience with C++ and Qt?
Yeah, I’ve used C++ mostly for competitive coding; used Qt for the project (intermediate proficiency).

I have made 1 PR to Tiled till now, and will hopefully make many more in the coming weeks.

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #23

Unfortunately we were not accepted to GSoC this year. Google wrote us:

Thank you for applying to be a Google Summer of Code 2018 mentor organization. Sadly, we were unable to accept Tiled this year. We had many more applications than available slots. We hope you will apply again in the future!

We will almost certainly apply again next year! For this year, just know that you are all still welcome to work on Tiled, be it for fun, for learning purposes or because you simply need a certain feature. I will be available in any case for questions and code reviews!

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #24

Some personal recommendations for those looking for alternative organizations to apply to:

  • Godot Engine - It’s like an open source Unity. Includes a tile map editor as well and has some Tiled integration! Their first time participating in GSoC.

  • Read the Docs - Tiled relies on this service for building and hosting its manual. Most of their projects ideas will be beneficial for the Tiled manual as well!

  • MovingBlocks - A GSoC veteran organization that’s developing an open source Minecraft-like game.

  • ScummVM - You’re bound to learn a lot there related to game development!

  • The Qt Company - The C++ application framework that Tiled is built on. Their Moving Window Proxy Model idea could be useful for Tiled.

  • Blender - An opportunity to dive into advanced computer graphics related stuff.

But like I said, anybody is welcome to work on Tiled as well outside of GSoC! :slight_smile:

(Keshav Sharma) #25

Its sure is unfortunate :confused: since Tiled was the only organization i had plans for and was pretty sure it would be selected this year too but anyways still im glad to be able to contribute a tiny bit of features to this software and learn a lot regarding code-style and how things are actually made :blush: . Anyway, would still be contributing to Tiled and probably now that there is no pressure regarding gsoc, i wonder if we should document Tiled’s source code much like how Blender did it ?

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #26

You’re welcome to undertake such a project! I imagine it could definitely help getting new people into Tiled development.

I see the Blender source documentation is set up as a MediaWiki. I’d rather avoid such out-of-source documentation since it has a tendency to get stale as the code evolves. I already make an effort to write a bit of Doxygen style comments sometimes, so a first step could be to set up an automatically updated static site for this (I think GitLab Pages can help here, since the site can be generated by a CI pipeline). Then we could look at where to extend it with more information and potentially add some “overview” style pages.

In any case, please open a new thread or a GitHub issue about this to discuss it further.