Grid lines in tile map after i uploaded to unity


I have been looking at other solutions on here but some of which i do not understand. I have been seeing that sometimes tiles bleed into the edges and to avoid this you apply borders to these tiles? But how do i apply a border and where to each single tile. This is also occuring in game mode and not in game mode. When previewed the file before it had went to unity of course the grid lines dont show up, Is there any quick ways to approach this problem?

Could this be related?

This page in the Tiled2Unity documentation goes over this problem in detail:

So ive had anti-aliasing off to begin with, so i dont believe that is it. when i padded the tiles and changed a section of them they had just added the section next to them i believe. I am not sure where on tiled the borders can be applied as well?

So then i tried running the command for the Quick Hack: Tucking in Tile Texture Coordinates.

but this resulted in errors

Thank you btw for getting back to me so quickly, sorry i am very new at this but i really enjoy the platform!

Instead of adding pixels I think in most cases changing the texture filter mode to Point in Unity’s Inspector would be the easiest way to solve this problem. To some the texture filtering remains important, in which case you’ll have to add spacing or organize your tiles as separate images.


YAY!!! THANK YOU BOTH! I am an idiot and never exported as an image in the first place…which allowed me to change the filter mode from billinear to point. I probably shouldve just exported as image to begin with from the Tiled app.

Nobody actually suggested you export the map as an image, though of course for small maps that’s also an option. For larger maps, the image would become way too big.

You should also be able to change the filter mode to ‘point’ just for the tileset image, and to keep using Tiled2Unity to export the map in Unity.

Note that if you’re using a recent version of Unity, you should probably check out SuperTiled2Unity, which superseded Tiled2Unity.

im sorry for assuming that

No worries. I was mainly trying to point out that there should be another solution than exporting the map as an image, but if a plain image does the trick for you, then it’s a viable option.