Unity empty border around all tiles

Hey there. So I am having an issue with the prefabs Tiled2Unity gives me after I export my Tiled map to unity. My tiles are being shown in Unity with a 1 pixel empty border around every tile within each layer. This border does NOT flicker or go in and out of existence when I move around.

Here is some pictures describing what I see:

Some people have recommended I change my filtering mode to point mode. I have done this in the past for maps I made in unity by duplicating spites (each of which had a texture I could change the filter mode on).

However with my Tiled2Unity directory things get outputted to, I can not seem to find any textures to change in my folders. So if you recommend this as a fix, please be sure to include some info on how Tiled2Unity is storing the things I need to alter.

Thanks for reading.

Figured out where the texture was being stored. It was apparently using my spritesheets I had sitting outside the Tiled2Unity folder in assets. Switched to point filter, works fine now.