How to edit terrains

I am pretty sure this is a bug. I can no longer edit my existing terrains in tiled. All I see is erase. There used to be a green/blueish button to click to edit them.

That button used to be in the Tilesets view, but editing of terrain information has moved to the tileset editor mode in Tiled 1.0. See this topic:

Excellent! Thank you Thorbjorn. Appreciate the help.

Is there any way to show the little icon for all of them? Like the first two(water->lightGrass & lightGrass->water) have a little picture.

Yes, in the terrain editing mode of the tileset editor, you select each of the terrains and then right-click on the tile you want to use as the icon and choose Set Terrain Image.

I find the naming of your terrains a little strange, btw. Normally, each terrain has a single name like “Swamp”, “Water”, etc. and the transitions happen as a result of using multiple terrains on the same tile. What would the terrain tool actually paint with, when the chosen terrain is “water->sand”?

Sorry for the delay in replying. Here is how I have it setup (now with pictures! thanks):

I have 1 main water tile, 1 main light grass tile, 1 main sand tile, etc.

Everytime I want to switch from mapping water->lightGrass to water->sand for example I need to repick the water tile on the second terrain (blue arrow). See image below.

If this is wrong and there is an easier way I am all ears :D. I just thought this is the only way since it does not seem to let me use the full water tile on multiple terrains. I have to redo it each time I need to use that terrain.

Why do you have Water multiple times (one for each transition) rather than just having one “Water” terrain type and marking all the water on your tileset with that terrain type? That would be the expected way to use terrains as explained in the manual (the UI looks a little different now, but the idea is the same). Then you wouldn’t need to reconfigure that full water tile each time.

Awesome, thanks. I’m switching it now, but unfortunately I cannot use the “Erase Terrain” button it does not work. I renamed the terrain to delete just in case it didnt work with my “-” and “>” characters, but no such luck.

I am on Tiled 1.0.2 on Windows 10 64bit.

EDIT: nevermind just found the buttons on the far right to remove the terrain type. Thanks again for the help.

The “Erase Terrain” button is for when you want to erase terrain on the map. This is only meaningful when you have terrain transitions to “nothing”.

Glad to hear you got it figured out!

thanks bjorn for the accurate diagnosis. I was doing the same mistake and pretty much stuck. Now i do not use Water multiple times and all is nice now

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