Wherefore art thou, Terrain Tab?

I have created a tileset and a tilemap. I have selected the tileset tab (alternatively, I have clicked the “Edit Tileset” icon from the Tilemap). I have scoured the View -> Views and Toolbars menu for “Terrains” as suggested in another forum post. I have searched diligently for the Terrains button while editing the tileset. I have right-clicked a tileset tile in the hopes of finding the “Add Terrain Type” menu option. I have watched videos and read docs. I am currently prepping the family dog for sacrifice…

Would someone please tell me what has happened to my terrain tab???

I am currently running Version 2020.10.08 in Windows 10 via the itch client. Help me, Obi-wan, you’re my only hope.

Dear @TheLurkingDev, welcome to the Tiled forum! Here, answers don’t require sacrifices!

You have installed a recent development snapshot that includes changes leading up to the Tiled 1.5 release. In this version, the Terrain Brush and the related Terrains mode in the Tileset Editor have been completely replaced by the Wang Brush and Wang Sets mode. The manual still needs to be adjusted, but the workflow stayed largely the same. The main difference is that a tileset may now contain multiple Wang sets.

It has been suggested before that it might be a good idea to rename “Wang” to “Terrain” so that the terminology stays familiar, since there have been many more users of the Terrains feature than of the Wang tiling support (which had rather limited usefulness until now). I’ll probably perform this rename before the 1.5 release.

Alternatively, you may install Tiled 1.4.2, though I really welcome any feedback (including your above post) on the development snapshots!

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Too late. :upside_down_face:

Thank you!

I have no problem with the terminology. I don’t necessarily think you need to change it back to “Terrain”, but I would suggest adding a highlighted line on the pertinent page of the docs stating that the full functionality now resides within the Wang brush since version <versionNumber>.

Thank you so much for getting back to me!