How to read tmx file in javafx!


I read mostly every thread, but couldnt find any useful information. I created a map using tilemap and got a .tmx file. Now i want to load into my Javafx project.

But keep getting errors like Can’t read input file! or No such Directory/File.
I did exactly the same like him :

also read this:

But he didnt offer the solution. Can someone help me pls?

@Joha_Tam Welcome to the Tiled forum!

If this is not about JavaFX but rather about loading the files from a JAR then my answer in the latter thread may help:

Hi! I dont have this version on my project, how do I add it to maven ?
My current maven Pom.xml one looks like this:
<groupId org.mapeditor</groupId
<artifactId libtiled</artifactId
<version 1.2.3 </version

And if I clicked to libtiled:
I get your name on it:
<connection scm:git:git:// </connection

Ah, 1.2.3 is the last version published to Maven. In the following issue, there is a snippet showing how you could depend on a “1.4.2-SNAPSHOT” version:

I think the 1.4.2 release will be pushed to Maven Central soon now, but in the meantime you may want to try using the snapshot instead.