How to Used collision effect..?

hi, im newbie use Tiled…

i got problem about use Collision effect, i dont know how to used when export to Unity…
try sorting layer exposed for player character and Ground map…still not work. pls help give me easy step to use Collision effect. many thanks


wall not work

Did you try following this tutorial?

thanks for reply ^^
i follow that intruction, so i try on player option use box collider2D and riggid body in Unity, THATS WORK… but have another problem now… when trigger active, the collision gone again… i not to worried about that, so i not used trigger… :stuck_out_tongue:
trigger problem

many thanks mr.Bjorn… GBU

I think that’s because a trigger collider works differently. Instead of colliding, it triggers something (there should be a way to hook into this). I’m not familiar with Unity, but this is probably similar to what Box2D calls a sensor.

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