Issues with layering, tile map is showing a black background

Hi there, so I have a map created in Tiled and being imported with Pytmx. My background is a tile object that way I can resize it much easier. I have it loaded in my Python game but every time I blit it on the screen first and then the tiled map, it shows a black background.

If I blit the background first and then the map this is what appears on the screen.

and if I blit the map first and then the background, the background then appears.

And like I said before, the background is a tile map object. No idea why this is happening.

What blending mode are you using for blitting? It looks like you might be using a mode that disregards alpha, or overwrites pixels instead of blending, or blitting to a surface that lacks the bit depth to support alpha.
The other possibility is the image got read in without its alpha channel, but this doesn’t seem likely since your sprite seems fine.

This is a rendering issue with your engine, almost certainly unrelated to Tiled.