Json export of tmx - wrong (offset?) id in chunks array


I added a second tile set to my map, and in the exported json, I get values like 32769 instead of 1 for my tiles ids

that number comes from nowhere, I use 128x128 tiles set, so 32769 is not even a multiple of these

it’s probably an offset id or something, but it would be nice to have the offset in the exported json file for refrerence, it really seems like a Tiled internal value so it should rather be trimed to 1

I did that in my import and indeed it does the trick but it is a workaround and I am afraid I would have to adjust that offset everytime I add another tileset or if Tiled gets updated


found it :slight_smile:

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Yeah, this is not a hardcoded offset but it’s based on the number of tiles in each tileset. This is documented on the TMX Map Format page, but a link to this is missing from the JSON Format page, which in general is lacking some information (#925) and needs some corrections (#1924).