Layer objects (template+Visible)

I save the map a json file and read it using a parser.

What I’m a doing.
Option #1
I’m using a Layer of objects and place a tiled (to get an image) and I’m applying a template, but when I’m reading the json file the object in the layer don’t have the visible property.

Option #2
I’m using object layer to place rectangles and applying a template, the template properties are added but no filled, and the object doesn’t show that a template is applied., but when I read the json file the template property is missing.

1: Many properties are not written out if they have their default values. If a property doesn’t exist, you should assume it has its default value (for visible, that’s true). I’m surprised it’s missing though, the docs don’t mention it being optional in JSON.

2: What do you mean by “applying a template”? It sounds like you might be talking about classes rather than templates - templates cannot be “applied” to existing Objects. If you’re actually talking about classes/custom types, then your description makes more sense. There’s no “template” property because the Objects aren’t templates, and you’re instead meant to use the class property to fill in the default values (or you can use the “resolve object types and properties” export option to export the default values as well).

  1. I’m handling that, in case of default value I take it from the template file, you are correct the default value is missing, but when set to false it does appear, I can live with that.

  2. my bad, was mixing the template behaviour regarding the default values.

please close the ticket.