More shortcuts for commands?

Tiled is a very good editor and I’m enjoying using it. Thanks for your great work!

Right now Tiled has, according to the wiki, one key, F5, that one can press and run a command. It can get a bit inconvenient, when one has two or more commands that are used frequently (‘test map’ & ‘edit teleport target map’, for example).

Supporting fully customizable shortcuts would be of course a lot of work, and probably overkill, but a few extra keys, like F6 and/or F7, could be very useful, and does not seem to be too hard to implement. What do you think?

While it is tempting to just eat up more function keys for secondary or tertiary custom commands, we of course really need customizable shortcuts. Indeed implementing this for all actions in Tiled will be a lot of work, but we could start with allowing custom shortcuts on commands.

Is this something you’d be interested in having a go at? It would be the first opportunity to use the fancy QKeySequenceEdit in Tiled.

@bjorn I would like to try this one, if possible. Can you explain it a bit more?

I would totally love to, if I’m not on a project myself. Unfortunately I have never used Qt for my life, so I don’t believe I could churn out code of reasonable quality any time soon, for a somewhat convoluted feature.

Thanks again for the response, and I sure hope custom shortcuts could some day make it into Tiled! Maybe by the other person asking to try…

@TqD74p No problem! Note that you could also set a small bounty on the issue, as a thank-you for whoever implements it. :slight_smile:

@ketanhwr Great that you’d like to give this a try! I’ve provided some more details at the issue I opened on GitHub, feel free to ask further questions there: