Mousewheel for selecting active layer and embedding maps

Ok, my first suggestion is that you allow for alt + mousewheel or shift + mousewheel to change your active layer. This feature would extremely enhance my work flow with tiled. Also, I know this is a long shot, but I would love to have a feature that would allow me to embed one map into another. In my current project I have many maps that adjoin to each other and it’s very tedious to make features align across maps (Example: A tree that is half on one map half on the other). It would be amazing if I could embed multiple maps into a single file that would write the changes to all of them.


Are you aware that Ctrl+Pg Up/Down switches layers? If so, why isn’t that sufficient?

I think there was a feature request for this on github… But i cannot find it at the moment :confused: I think the suggestion there was to somehow preview the maps around? But I might be wrong here…


Hi Ablu!
I am aware of the shortcut for the selecting layers but I just find it cumbersome. When I usually use tiled, my left hand is docked on WASD / EDSF and my right hand is usually docked on the mouse. I think that picking up my hand, locate the page up / down buttons in the upper right, is just time consuming. Patching the layer selection into the mouse wheel would be my dream. I currently don’t use the page up / down at all and navigate the layers by simply selecting them with the mouse.

Did you know you can use the mouse wheel on the layer dropdown in the status bar?

In general, unfortunately Ctrl, Alt and Shift are all already taken in combination with the mouse wheel:

  • Ctrl: Zooming
  • Alt: Scrolling vertically rather than horizontally
  • Shift: Scrolling faster

Of course, once could argue for a different navigation model, where scrolling with the scroll wheel is simply not possible (since you’d be more likely to use panning, anyway). Then zooming can happen without Ctrl and Alt+Shift would still be free for other functions, like switching layers. It’s something I could imagine implementing, but it may need to become an option since some people may be used to using the scroll wheel (especially on a touchpad, but I imagine using Tiled on a touchpad must suck anyway).

Hi Bjorn!
I totally get your point, I didn’t realize shift + scroll bar made it scroll faster. Right now, I leave my left hand docked on the WASD keys so it’d be amazing if you could patch Y, Q or any other open key on the left side of keyboard + scrollbar. If there are two open keys on that side, I’d love it if they would map to change active layer up and down.

Also, would you add my last game, Rex Rocket, to your games made with Tiled on github?

Thanks for all the work you do, I can’t express how much I appreciate Tiled.

This boils down to the below issue on GitHub really. I’ll see if I can get around to it in the near future. For a quick hack, you’ll just have to compile Tiled yourself after changing the shortcuts.

That looks like an awesome game! The wiki is public and you know best all the info for your game, so please feel free to add it. In the future I’d like to add a showcase of games made with Tiled on the website, and this one looks like a nice one to show as well.