Object name/type view

I remember that name (or type) of object was visible on top of placed object. But now it don’t. Something is changed?

I removed it because the way it was rendered did not work well together with the added support for resizing objects. It also looked quite silly for rotated objects (added with Tiled 0.10), which would rotate the name along with it.

Of course, it can be very helpful to see the names of the objects, and I think they should at least be there as part of a hover feedback. But this is something I still need to implement. When I get around to it, I’ll make sure the names are not scaled, not rotated and not elided based on the width of the object.

I understand. But may be was need just disable the names rendering by default (option in the settings for example)?. For those who do not need to rotate/scale objects or do not care how names looks.

That it didn’t look right was only part of the problem, the name was actually interfering because it affected the bounding box of the object. As such the existing implementation had to go away. I did not get around to implementing an alternative solution yet.

I guess those who really depend on these names and do not need the resizing feature should stick with Tiled 0.11 for now. I didn’t expect this to be so important, but I’ll try to make sure the names are back in Tiled 0.13.

Hey, we’re seconding this request. :smile:

Our use case is the need to oversee an ordering in the objects for the creation of a puzzle game.
Having to hover over the individual objects to see in what order (etc) they come is pretty inconvenient.
As an upgrade request: maybe it would be interesting to have some form of macro support over how the label is generated?

For us it would be very helpfull to see some (but not all) of the custom properties in the object in the overview.

Here’s the issue about this missing feature:


It didn’t make it into Tiled 0.13 unfortunately, but I’ve moved it to the Tiled 0.14 milestone.

That’s an interesting request. I’ll consider implementing it.