Persisting unwanted prompt

Every time I open up my tiled level I get this prompt

When I say Yes it makes my map all janky

Why is this happening? How do I prevent it or disable it?

Edit: even if I accept and save, I get it again when I reopen and it messes it up even more.

I fixed it by clicking no, and opening the tileset and saving it. It seems that Tiled detected an out of date tsx file and only tries to change the level to compensate rather than fixing the tsx

old .tsx

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<tileset name="island" tilewidth="8" tileheight="8" tilecount="63" columns="21">
     <image source="../images/island-tiles.png" width="168" height="24"/>

new .tsx (added version and tiledversion, modified tilecount, columns, and width)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<tileset version="1.2" tiledversion="1.2.3" name="island" tilewidth="8" tileheight="8" tilecount="69" columns="23">
 <image source="../images/island-tiles.png" width="184" height="24"/>

Right, the important part is that you need to save the tileset for this to stop happening.

I’m not sure why your map got messed up rather than fixed, because as you can see the width of the island-tiles.png tileset changed from 168px to 184px. With 8x8 tiles, this is two more columns and normally that means your map would get all messed up if Tiled would not fix it up.

Could it be that you had already once fixed up this map, but at that time also did not save the tileset? In that case this was the second time that Tiled wondered if the map needed fixing, and in that case the right answer to the prompt is “No”.

I think one possible bug here is that Tiled does not mark the tileset as needing to be saved… this is a little tricky actually since you may not even have opened the tileset as such (if you did I think it would mark it as unsaved).

This was my thought as well, Tiled never really brought up the idea of saving the tileset, it was really hard to know that opening it and saving would even change anything