Stamp brush right click doesn't work (SOLVED)

Hi, I’m working on a game and I’m using Tiled to create my maps. However, I would like to start making more advanced maps and require the stamp brush function to clone some level geometry shapes for a symmetric level I’m working on. From the docs, I see I’m supposed to use right click and drag. However, when I do this, the selection is lost upon releasing right click and I still am only able to paint one tile at a time (seems to do nothing.) I might be misinterpreting the docs however. Anyone know how to do this?

EDIT: I downloaded the x64 Windows snapshot build and the stamp brush works fine in this version.

Hey @Epitaph64, welcome to the Tiled forums!

Could it be that you had accidentally enabled the Random Mode (dices button on toolbar, shortcut: D)?

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Thanks, yeah it happened again in the snapshot and I realized that was the case. Maybe the right-click on stamp brush should auto-disable random mode to help with that? Thanks for responding :smiley:

It’s an interesting thought, except that the distribution of the tiles that you are capturing with right-click drag affects the relative occurrence of the tiles as you paint in Random Mode, so there is a use-case for this action.

Alternative options are adding a modifier key to the shortcut, cause D is rather easy to trigger by accident, as well as more clearly visualizing the mode somewhere, like within the map view.


Ah that makes sense, I didn’t know of that feature. That’s actually useful to know!