Template are a bit useless (to me) so far


making a 2D ortho map, I cant find a way to group tiles objects as a whole template, that would really be handy

I can add many tile objects to make a whole object but then

  • in my game I would only have to parse for the bottom part tile ID of an object, the other top tiles would only be there for display only in the editor

  • every time I want to duplicate that stacked tiles grouped object, I need to select all tiles and duplicate them, while a template system could really provide a friendlier way to do this

usualy a template system works as a group of items, not one single object…especialy in a game where objects are made of grid-aligned tiles stacked on top of each others

same for (non grid aligned sprites), since the editor only deals with tiles, I am stuck with painting objects everytime while one could define a group of tiles to be a reusable templates

then adding CTRL+D for duplication of any selected item would render the painting process really productive


See the following issue for some idea about this: