Terrain-Preview and .SH file

Hi, I’ve been trying to understand exactly how the Terrain-Preview works, specifically what the .sh file is and if I need to edit it or write my own for my own custom tilemap and tilesets? Is there anywhere I can find more info on the .sh file etc.?

Just to clear up the confusion, @Devvin was referring to this great collection of terrains on OpenGameArt.org. I wasn’t actually aware of this set yet, but it looks amazing.

As can be seen in the terrain-v7.sh script that ships along with it, it’s made using the terraingenerator tool that ships with Tiled. This is a tool to automatically generate all the combinations along with the necessary terrain info for certain sets of terrain types. A tool which I unfortunately neglected to document so far…

@Devvin If you hadn’t found out already, the .sh file is a shell script. It was written on macOS but I think it will also work on Linux, and may work on Windows if you install a shell like bash (included with MSYS2 for example), but it could also be reformatted to work like a .bat file.