Tiled have Floor system?

Tiled have floor system like tibia?
… +2floor +1floor base floor -1floor -2floor …

I’m not familiar with Tibia or its floor system. Do you have some more information about it?

Tiled has layers and each layer can have custom properties. Potentially this is enough for you to build a simple floor system.

Hello Bjorn
Let me try to give you more info about it.

The point that makes people asks if Tiled have a floor system or z-axis or whatever is because they miss alot of things that Tibia system have.
Remembering that Tibia is a MMORPG.

The Tibia floor system have a Z-axis and it makes all difference
It consists of 14 layers (or 14 floors), on which layer 7 would be the surface.
Just Imagine a map made by Tiled editor, with 14 “floors folders”, each with its sub-layer group inside (ground, mask, details…etc), so the first floor should be the bottom floor of your world and so on.
Ending up with 14 possible values for Z. (6 undergrounds, surface, and 7 above surface).

Each floor are fully independent from the others.
That said, every floor above floor 7 (surface) you can see the floor bellow,
so if you step on a stair you go up to floor 8, (its not an illusion like sending players to x and y positions way off the map), its in fact changes the Z coordenate.
and you could see all layers rendering bellow as players walking ,the spells effect, lighting system…
and its the same rule for all floors above, for exemple a player on floor 14 could see everything bellow.

The problems we faced:
“You could use different map files for different floors.” or
“using layers and then showing/hiding layers as the player goes up stairs.”
We could, but will still not see what happens on the lower floors.

“you could also teleport the player to another area on the same map”
works for places without interior. if you want to create a illusion to go up a montain for exemple
not work in many cases that you could chose to go up the building or go inside it.

“being inside a building with a roof and making that roof invisible whilst the player was inside or close to it.”
This is ok. We know that its possible to do this by setting a custom property on the layer that we want to disappear when the player is below.

So, how to achieve such an effect to see the floor bellow using Tiled?
Its hard to implement a property simulating a Z-axis to each layer folder/group?

@Mombi I’m not sure I understand the problem. In Tiled you could create a group for each of your floors, like you describe. Whether you as a player can see what happens on the lower floors depends only on the implementation in your game, right? I don’t see in which way Tiled either makes this problematic or needs some specific system to help you with it. What am I missing?