Tiled Importer for Godot 4

Hey there,
i created an importer for Godot 4, still working on it.

if anyone wants to test it:


Hey @Feendrache, thank you so much for working towards an updated importer! It has been asked about a number of times on the Tiled Discord.

Please note that there is also work being done towards a Godot 4 exporter plugin:

I’ve asked there whether it makes sense to have both. Actually, we also had a Godot exporter extension in JS, so also for Godot 3 there were both options. It seems for Godot 4, the exporter is moving to C++ and will be shipping with Tiled.

Once finished and documented, it probably makes sense to link these options to each other, noting the possible advantages of choosing the other.

Oh cool,
didn’t know that,
i think it’s a bit dependant on the way you work… with the importer, working on the tiled file will automatically be cause a new import in godot… whle with the exporter you need to explicitely export to have it transfered… i understand both ways to work …
Since i use the importer myself and like this way of pipeline for my maps i will continue to work on it… :slight_smile: