Tiled Updater issue 1.0.0 -> 1.0.1?

I am fairly sure I updated from 1.0.0 - 1.0.1 when first released last week.

Then I launched today and was asked to upgrade again… to 1.0.1!? Odd.

So I followed the instructions and attempted to do as requested by the system… and have since run into a slew of issues. The most notably of these is the fact that no matter how I try to do this update (I’ve used the automated system and when that failed, I REMOVED the old one and installed a fresh download of 1.0.1)… I am still seeing version 1.0.0 listed as the installed version (via “About”):

Is this just a bug in the version display?
Again, this pic was taken after I manually removed 1.0.0, downloaded and executed the latest Win installer package for 1.0.1 via itch.io.

Did you download the 32bit or 64bit version?
I just noticed when I went to uninstall the 64bit version it didn’t actually delete the files.
Can you verify that after you uninstall the files are actually gone from the folder?
I did a clean install of both 32bit and 64bit just now, downloaded from the itch.io website not the itch app and they both show version 1.0.1.

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Good call!!!
I too looked again, and indeed some old Tiled files were lurking. I deleted everything, did another clean install (32-bit version), and now I DO see the proper version #: 1.0.1! :slightly_smiling_face:
(Issue Resolved)

Thanks @willt for helping out.

Indeed this is the curse of an issue in the MSI installer that started with Tiled 0.18.1, which means that anyone having a Tiled 0.18.0 or older installed will have trouble installing any newer version unless the older version is first manually uninstalled. It is related to the change that starting with Tiled 0.18.1, the installer does a proper system install instead of a user install at a system location, as was the case before.

Does this come up enough to try to come out with a fix or maybe a message post?

I had a message up about this on the 0.18.1 and 0.18.2 releases and hoped enough people would have managed to do that upgrade so that 1.0 would not cause this issue too many times, but more people are still running into this than I had expected.

But even those release notes are rarely read. Ideally the check would be built into the installer, but MSI is such a mystery to me that this is beyond what I could hope to do with it.