Tiled won't launch on Mac

Tiled said it couldn’t find a map file, and I chose the ‘Locate’ button. It opened the file dialog but then just hung in a spinning wheel. I had to force quit. Now, Tiled won’t launch.

I’m on an iMac running High Sierra. GetInfo says Tiled is version 1.1.5

How do I get it going again?

I installed the latest version and it worked. Had to force-poweroff the computer to do it, though. Force-quitting the old one did not work, so I couldn’t restart the computer normally.

Ah, so I guess the reason it wouldn’t launch again was because it was still running.

I don’t have an explanation for how this could happen currently. Of course, a lot has changed since version 1.1.5, but I don’t remember anything like this being reported or fixed. Did you try doing the same thing with the latest version?

When I ran the latest version, I didn’t get the error about the missing file, so I wasn’t able to repeat the same steps. But if it happens again I will report back.