Tiled2Unity - Templates

Following some code changes, I have to edit all my levels and put the collectables and enemy objects back in position as we’ve amended the custom properties required.

With 50 levels and at least 15 instances per level - this could be a long job. However, I finally realised I could use Templates to speed things up.

But I seem to have issues. When I load the .tmx file in T2U I get:

Loading summary
Succeeded: 1
Parsed: /Users/Cacker/Desktop/FA Final Levels/level1B.tmx
Warnings: 1
Warning: Rectangle has zero width or height. Line 60
<object id=“30” template=“EnemyHorizontal.tx” x=“80” y=“200” />
Errors: 0

The exporting summary is normal - but the enemy doesn’t show in my level in Unity.

Would really appreciate some help.
Thanks in advance

This appears to be a shortcoming in Tiled2Unity, which may not support templates. Would upgrading to SuperTiled2Unity be a solution?

Hi @bjorn

Will try it and update the thread


Please try with SuperTiled2Unity and let me know if you still have issues. Support on Tiled2Unity has ended and I don’t think it will even work with the newer versions of Unity. Thanks.

Thanks. Will try today - been away.

Hi Sean

I’ve installed ST2U and have added the png, tax and tmx file.

I can’t see how to generate the level prefab that I need ? Do I need to do anything or has it generated it - and if so where should it be ?

Thanks in advance

Just a reminder that SuperTiled2Unity requires Unity 2018.3 or later.