Tiles ID and flipping (bug/feature)

Hello, Bjorn,

I don’t know is it a bug or strange feature, but it can get some people stucked.

When I put a check to “Flipping / Horizontal” or “Flipping / Vertical”, Tiled changes gid (set up bit 30 and bit 29 respectively for horizontal and vertical checkbox) instead of add some useful attributes. It makes errors on some software which directly using gid to link map objects with tileset tile IDs.

So I’d say in case this is a BUG - you could to fix it, or if it is a “feature” you could to document it somewhere so anyone can know about it.

Thank you for all your hard job on this awesome application!

It’s a feature because it is consistent with the global tile IDs used to refer to tiles on a tile layer. But you’re right that it is not documented very clearly. I’ll work on this.

You’re welcome! And also thank you for bringing up areas where things are still lacking. :slight_smile:


What should I know about other gid’s bits (except 30 and 29) ? What is a best mask to get exact tile id?

Thank you.

Well, you only need to know that the three most significant bits are used for the flipping flags. And in fact the third bit (diagonal flip) won’t ever be used for objects since they can be rotated freely, but I wouldn’t code special logic for that unless it makes things easier for you.

For some example code for reading out and clearing the flags, see this part of the TMX format documentation:


The same applies to the gid attribute of the tile objects.

Thank you, it is really helpful.

I was looking at that over the weekend.
It’s kind of annoying that have these bits part of the GID when they could be in separated fields…

If they were in separated fields, the GID would represent only the ID

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Absolutely agree with you, Richard. However, author’s word is the last :wink:

I agree the large numbers are not nice to look at, but from a code perspective it made perfect sense to store the tile reference along with the flipping bits the same way as done on tile layers. Doing it differently would require more code to be written in any TMX reader supporting this.

And leaving out the flags would not make it a plain ID. It would still be a GID, because a tile object can refer to a tile from any of the added tilesets.

But, it’s all not perfect. The TMX format has more serious flaws than this. I tried to be pragmatic but it would be nice to reconsider the format at some point, and you’re welcome to help with this.

100% agree. Bigger fish to fry :slight_smile:

Richard Lalancette
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada