Transparent tiles showing black marks

I have placed some tiles containing transparent regions over a layer of blue tiles. Instead of showing the blue tiles from the underlying layer, its showing black marks in the transparent regions. Im using Android studio and Libgdx’s TMXMapLoader, TiledMap and OrthoCachedTiledMapRenderer. Thanks for the help

If your cloud tiles have a transparent rather than a blue background, then you’ll need to place them on a different tile layer than the blue background. Otherwise, the tiles will replace the blue background tiles.

Hey thanks for the reply. And sorry if I wasn’t clear in my original post. They are already on separate layers. The blue tiles are on a layer named background and everything else is on another layer named graphics. On tiled everything looks perfect but when I run it in my program it looks like the above picture.

Hmm, then it’s a problem with the way the texture is loaded or the fragment shader. I don’t have any libgdx-specific knowledge, so maybe somebody else can help you out or you need to ask at the libgdx forum.

I’ve seen people get this issue when they have inadvertently made their transparent backgrounds no longer transparent when they save their graphics files under the wrong settings, it may be worth double checking the original graphics files.